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Aluminum Ribbon Sculpture by Dan Murphy
This kinetic sculpture by Dan Murphy features an elegant swirling ribbon of aluminum on a lucite bas..
$1,350.00 $1,080.00
Art Glass Paperweight by Rollin Karg
Marvelous art glass paperweight by Rollin Karg. Signed. If the date is accurate, it is one of his ea..
$295.00 $118.00
Art Glass Sculpture
A graceful swirl that appears to be made of spun sugar is really glass on a lucite base. Tasty! Add..
$295.00 $118.00
Art Glass Swan
This graceful art glass swan can hold delicious Comice pears or just catch the light. Your choice. ..
$125.00 $50.00
Articulating Giraffe Sculpture
A spectacular articulating giraffe sculpture, probably an artist's model, in a rare form. Additiona..
$3,950.00 $3,160.00
Bronze Ballerina by Guy Portelli
The dancer is one of British sculptor Guy Portelli's favorite themes. This bronze ballerina is among..
$3,950.00 $1,580.00
Brutalist Masonry Nail Sculpture by William Bowie
A fantastic brutalist sculpture of cattails fashioned from steel masonry nails by William Bowie (192..
$2,950.00 $1,180.00
Brutalist Metal Leaves Sculpture by Curtis Jeré
Curtis Freiler and Jerry Els, collectively known as Curtis Jeré, produced marvelous metal sculptures..
$1,200.00 $480.00
Bullicante Paperweight
A lovely art glass paperweight most likely made in the 1950s in Murano, Italy for Seguso. The bullic..
$375.00 $150.00
Carved Hippo
This poor carved wood hippo has lost one of his legs, but he still manages to get around. Adorable! ..
$295.00 $148.00
Cubist Sculpture by David John Barr
David Barr is best known for his structurist works that adorn museum walls and public spaces worldwi..
$3,600.00 $2,880.00
Curtis Jeré Style Brutalist Wall Sculpture
An exceptionally well-preserved wire and metal Brutalist wall sculpture in the sytle of Curtis Jeré...
$2,950.00 $1,180.00
Deconstructed Bust
This marvelous modernist bust appears to have been carved from centuries-old Koa wood by talented be..
$595.00 $238.00
Hippo Sculpture
This lazy hippo will make you feel industrious by comparison. Additional Condition Notes: Good. Unl..
$375.00 $150.00
This striking valet sculpture in human form prominently features a pair of old rail tongs, used in t..
$3,600.00 $2,880.00
Large Aluminum Plane Sculpture
An oversized aluminum plane sculpture that might as well be soaring off Don Draper's desk. Addition..
$895.00 $358.00
Lucite Manhattan
New York City, replete with the Twin Towers, Chrysler Building, sailboats, and gulls, captured in a ..
$2,950.00 $2,360.00
Metal Ribbon Sculpture by Van Sickle
An exceptional sculpture by Van Sickle consisting of a metal ribbon on a marble base. Signed. Addit..
$595.00 $238.00
Monumental Bronze Garden Urn
A monumental bronze garden urn, planter, or jardiniere, decorated with three large and four small ra..
$25,000.00 $20,000.00
Murano Glass Sculpture
A graceful swirl that appears to be made of spun caramel sugar is really glass on a lucite base. Tas..
$295.00 $118.00
Owl Sculpture
An enchanting sculpture of an owl in stone and copper, on a teak base. Signed indistinctly. Additio..
$495.00 $297.00
Pair of Wall Sculptures with Conquistadors
At mid-century, Spanish Conquistadors were a popular thematic element in home décor. Molded from an ..
$750.00 $300.00
Rare Art Glass Owl by Cenedese
A wise old art glass owl made in the 1950s in Murano, Italy by Cenedese. Most likely designed by Ant..
$7,500.00 $6,000.00
Taxidermy Jellyfish
All right, maybe it isn't a real jellyfish. Who knows? But what an intriguing sculpture made of glas..
$225.00 $90.00
Wall Sculpture with Horses
A three-dimensional wall sculpture with charging horses. Molded from an early version of fiberglass ..
$7,500.00 $6,000.00
Wire Sculpture
A charming sculpture in wire and papier-mâché in the form of a woman reclining on a rock. Signed ind..
$950.00 $380.00
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